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We just wanted to thank you for all the help you've given us with our computer problems since 2005. You've helped rid our computer of viruses, installed new upgrades, and answered our questions, enabling us to better understand how to keep our computer serviceable. You've always been available to resolve our computer issues, and the service we've received has been excellent.
June and John Griggs

"Bill got my computer up and running several times!" D.B

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Bill Banton, owner of LCB Technology Services L.L.C., who came to my home to set up a wireless network for my new netbook and to install several applications on it. I had attempted to accomplish these things on my own with notable lack of success but with notable frustration. Luckily for me, Bill specializes in successful resolution of computer problems and in saving customers from untold hours of frustration. As he sat at my desk with my old desktop and new netbook in front of him he quickly set up the network, induced the two computers to communicate with each other, and performed additional feats of magic as I watched in awe. I was especially appreciative of the fact that as he worked and responded to my questions, he did not treat me like a dummy, in spite of the obvious, but patiently explained what he was doing so that I could successfully accomplish necessary operations on my own after he left. It was with great gratitude that I happily paid his very reasonable invoice when he departed. For anyone seeking a computer wizard, I heartily recommend Bill Banton
David Allen

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